Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Be An Expert - What To Sell - Product Possibilities

If you still need some ideas for new products then have a think outside of your usual product lines. Do you know on Etsy you can sell Vintage Items, Handmade Products, or Craft Supplies? With the launch of the New Etsy Studio Craft Supplies Website ( now might be a good time to think if you can add any craft kits or items to your store!

See here for some suggestions for what to sell in your Etsy shop: If you're worried that you are going to end up with too many craft supplies to store, or too many things to post, then what about considering digital downloads? Click here for some tips on how to get started and what kind of things you might be able to sell digitally:
In the EU customers have to pay 20% VAT on digital goods, but Etsy very helpfully collect it and pay it for us - they add 20% onto whatever price you say you'd like to receive and then collect that 20% to pay the government. Here's more information on that:
What ever new items you add, make sure they fit with your brand (or open a new shop with a new brand if you can't get the idea out of your head!). And make sure it's something people will want to buy!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Be An Expert - What To Sell - New Product Ideas

Now you've had a good chance to have a spring clean of your Etsy workspace, and you've made lots of fresh space, what can you fill it with?! New stock of course! If now is your quiet time of year then it's a good time to build up on items to sell. You can just make more of the stock you usually do well with, but what about looking into new products?

Check out this Etsy Seller Handbook guide to 6 Tips For Generating Fresh Product Ideas: 
One more tip I'd add to tie in with the article is 'what key words will people search to find this item?'. This extends the 'do people want or need this' tip, to also think about how they will actually find it. What SEO will you be able to use to make sure the item is found?
While you are still in the planning stages of your product write down some key words that you could use in the item listing details and tags. And remember it's best to have 2 or 3 words together as a phrase rather than single words - 'Father's Day Gift' rather than just 'Dad'.
Adding some fresh products to your shop will give regular customers new things to be tempted by, or catch the eye of some new customers. Enjoy creating!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Be An Expert - Workspaces - Make Yours Inspire You

Do you wake up eager to go into your workspace? How does it make you feel when you enter it? Make sure your workspace is inspiring you to be the best Etsy seller you can be!

Etsy regularly has an 'Inspiring Workspaces' feature which you can see here: take a read through to see some beautiful places to create and gather ideas for your own.
If you think you need to sort out your storage a bit, you could make a desk organiser:, if you have lots of vinyl to store you could use Ikea bag holders like this crafter: or maybe you could make a magnetic spice rack: then fill it with buttons or beads?! What ever your storage need there's sure to be a DIY solution!
Share your inspiring workspaces or storage solutions using the #DorsetTeam hashtag on Instagram and Twitter so we can see too. You can also check out the #DorsetTeamDesks hashtag to see some desks and craft rooms that members shared in January!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Be An Expert - Workspaces - Spring Clean

Hopefully by now the weather is warm enough to throw open those windows and have a spring clean in your office or Etsy workspace!

Here's some tips to sort out your space:
  • Have some things which inspire you on display - but don't have so many that the room feels cluttered, or your mind will become cluttered too
  • If you have lots of odds and ends of packets or things which are nearly used up then put them in a 'use-it-or-lose-it' basket - if you don't use them up in the next month then give them (or throw them) away
  • Label your drawers, boxes, shelves and other storage so that you can quickly and easily reach for the right item - a few hours spent organising now will save you lots of time on busy work days
If you'd like some more inspiration take a look at this post by Mollie Makes on Decluttering for Makers: or perhaps you can make this DIY Pegboard on eHow by Fran from Fall For DIY:

Next week we will be looking at some more workspace ideas!