Friday, 5 December 2014

It's here!

Christmas fair countdown tip
It's here!

However much preparation you put in, you'll still be running round like a blue-arsed fly the day (and probably night) before a fair.

So our final tip to try and soothe the soul is have a big old checklist and have fun ticking tasks off as you do them. On a practical level, it means you won't forget anything. On a psychological level, it will calm you down and get you in the right frame of mind for tomorrow.

Your list will be personal to you, but we have a starter one here that you can tack your own items to.

Do you have your…
Money tin/apron/bag
Business cards
Receipt book
Stall props
Table cover
Shop sign or signs
Stall decorations
Price tags
Stock – create a separate list with everything

Emergency pack
Sticky tape
Safety pins
Spare price labels and however you attach them
Mints (to avoid coffee/talky too muchy breath)
Bus fair home (joking!)

When deciding what to wear, comfy shoes are essential, as are layers. Who knows how hot it will be, so ensure you can layer up or strip off.

Finally take some snacks and drink in case you are so overwhelmed with customers that you don't get chance to buy anything.

Have the best of times and here's looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Go big

Christmas fair inspiration tip
Go big

If you have a specific type of product or a very strong brand, don't be afraid to go all-out on your stall.

The example below shows how a table has been transformed into a mini shopfront. It is incredibly eye-catching and no doubt attracts a lot of potential customers.

The beauty is that once you start dissecting how it has been put together, there is nothing too intimidating.

Look at the stall top. While the suitcases are lovely, there isn't anything particularly revolutionary. The genius comes with the simple frame that holds what looks like a curtain rod, which in turns holds the fabric backdrop and string lights.

There is a little bit of room to the left of the stall, so the owner can be seen, but the main focus is all on the products.

To see the original pin, plus view some extra inspiration examples, head on over to here.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

When in doubt, go classy

Christmas fair inspiration tip
When in doubt, class things up

The image below is a fantastic example of how you can make a big impact even in a small space.

While it is true that you can't always have a backdrop, even taking that away would still leave an inviting and extremely professional-looking stall.

This is achieved by the restricted colour palette and the row of identical wire holders in the front. But it is also in the little touches, such as the flowers.

If you would be worried about something like that being knocked over, you could always glue the vases to the board. Having touches such as flowers or a lamp really helps give a boutique feel, so the stall becomes more like an exclusive shop.

To see the original pin of this, plus get some other ideas, pay a visit to here.

Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Sellers Spotlight

With less than 1 week to go until our big Dorset Team Christmas Fair, we thought it would be a great idea to place some of the attending sellers in the spotlight!  A real way to get to know both the designer/creator and to also see some of their work.
Our first seller is Natalie Thompson from PYNQ Designs - In her own words;

Type of Items sold
Tea towels
Reindeer necklace
Xmas coasters
Xmas gift wrap
Silk scarves

How and why did you get started. What are your inspirations?
I launched "PYNQ" in 2011 after the birth of my baby daughter Pynq (Pink) whilst on maternity leave! 

My goal was to create and sell products from my digital textile designs.

I am a versatile designer and apply my design skills across a range of products including fashion, jewellery, interiors, stationery and paper products.

I studied at Central St Martins School of Art & Design graduating with an Upper Second in Textile Design.

I am currently the Printed Textiles Technician at Winchester School of Art running the digital textile printer and teaching Photoshop skills in Fashion and Textiles.

I find it rewarding selling on Etsy and seeing my products on a professional and easy to use website.

Top 3 reasons to start an Etsy shop
Competitive fees
Rewarding to sell own creations
Opportunites to collaborate

Top 3 tips for new sellers
Take good clean photographs
Look at items similar to yours to get pricing right
About page- people like to know what you're about
Team up with people in your area

Our second seller is Alison Northern from Doodle Dot Gifts - In her own words;

Type of Items sold
Hand painted Fairy and Elf Doors, cards, prints, hand sewn felt gifts, pocket mirrors and polymer stamps
How and why did you get started?
I have always been a bit of a crafty girl, I can remember being taught to knit on big chunky wooden needles when I was about 6 and was the very proud owner of a vintage Singer Sewing machine at 9. I have always loved colour and turning old things into something new, long before up-cycling became the thing to do!!
I started making hand poured shaped crayons and designing colouring sheets using my own character's which then turned into cards, painted wooden items, hand sewn felt items........and more. I love all things whimsical, colourful and just a bit quirky. We have lots of new ideas in the pipeline and would love for Doodle Dot to be a brand in its own right.
Top 3 reasons to start an Etsy shop
To reach a broader market, 
You can link to you website or social media, 
Etsy does all your invoicing so saves you time.
Top 3 tips for new sellers

Join your local Etsy Team, 
Talk to other Etsy sellers for advice,
Link your Etsy shop to your web page or social media sites.
Description of shop:
Colourful, quirky with a touch of whimsical.
Alison's Social Media Links;

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Let your sign be seen

Christmas fair inspiration tip 
Let your sign be seen

Do you remember our tip about making sure your shop name sign stood out on your stall? Look at what these clever people did!

Despite the sign being quite large, because it has been raised up there is still plenty of room for stock.  And by placing it to the side, it means the stall holders can still be seen!

For the original pin of this, as well as more ideas, head over to here.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Make your stall pop with colour

Christmas fair inspiration tip
Make your stall pop with colour

When thinking about your stall display, no doubt your first thought was white. There is nothing wrong with white, but if it was your first thought you can bet it was other stall holders' first thought, which means you risk blending in with the crowd.

Using colour for your main display doesn't have to be scary. In the example below, mixing blue and orange (with a touch of white) has made an eye-catching yet coherent display.

Blue and orange are opposite each other on the colour wheel, and any colours that share this position will always work together. Having the blue repeated on props that are all over the stall helps with the cohesion - if it was just in one area in might look odd.

And despite the fact the table cover has an intense pattern, because the table top is actually quite clear - most items are displayed vertically - it doesn't look too busy.

To see this original pin, as well as others, visit here.